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17/01/18 18/P/0027/FUL Construction of attached 2 no bedroom residential unit to existing property at 66 Perthy Cose No observations 07/02/18
07/02/18 18/P/0063/HH Proposed garage conversion at 17 Pensarn Way The house is semi detached and no. 15 has already changed their garage to a living area.

No 15 has a matched brick finish completely covering the front elevation under the window.

My observation is that the proposed conversion at no 17 should match the existing conversion of no. 15. not as sown in planning application. This keeps the integrity of the whole building.

21/03/2018 AFOO/18/P/0158/HH Demolition of column & canopy & construction of porch at 124 Pentre Close No observations 11/04/2018
21/03/2018AFOO/18/P/0174/HH Proposed first floor side extension at 12 Oakleigh Court No observations 11/04/2018
24/05/2018HSML/18/P/0186/LBC Internal alterations to facilitate conversion of stores to shower room & utility area at Zoar Chapel, Henllys Lanes No observations 14/06/2018
01/05/2018 SJEN/18/P/0211/HH Retention of raised ridge line & construction of a rear dormer roof extension at 2 Forest View, Henllys, Cwmbran No observations 22/05/2018
10/05/2018 SJEN/17/P/0896/HH Proposed new garage in rear garden, 1 Old Row, Henllys No observations 31/05/2018
27/06/2018 CHAL/18/P/0405/PNAG Building for storage of fodder, hay, hayleidge & livestock shelter at Fields adjacent to Mountain View, Cwm Lane, Henllys. No obervations12/05/2018
02/07/2018AFOO/18/P/0448/HH Conversion of garage to study & utility room at 20 Pensarn Way, Henllys No observations 20/07/2018
05/07/2018 HSMI/18/P/0198/LBC Front area of chapel to be paved as only hardcore is in place. A small natural stone wall to be built & all headstones to be laid & fixed in a safe & secure position at Zoar Chapel, Henllys Lane No observations 24/07/18
13/07/2018CHAL/18/P/0475/NMA Additional reinforcement to supporting mounting framework to the solar pv panels at Cwrt Henllys Farm No Observations 24/07/18
06/08/2018 SHEN/18/P/0528/FUL Annex to the main property over the existing garage. Ground floor entrance & a first floor consisting of a lounge/kitchen area, a bedroom & a separate toilet at 19 Greenwood Drive, Henllys No observations 24/08/18
 07/12/2018 AFOO/18/P/0603/HH To replace existing boundary hedge in front garden with low wall - with columns - gaps between columns for wrought ironwork at 9 Birch Grove, Henllys No observations 21/12/18

Planning Applications







Fri 29 Sep 2017


Retrospective application to retain single storey extension, construction of retaining walls and re-profiling works
12 Dorallt Way Henllys Cwmbran Torfaen NP44 6HW

No Observations

October 2017

Thu 21 Sep 2017


Fence to front garden at right side of property
22 Wern Fach Court Henllys Cwmbran Torfaen NP44 6EX

some members of the Community Council have reservations about this application for a fence in Wern Fach Court.

It isn't clear from the documents but it seems that the application is for a timber fence which is supported by a stone base and is of varying height. Some members feel that the materials will not compliment the brick houses in this Court. The fencing will also interrupt the open plan street scene that is supposed to be maintained throughout the estate.

It is our understanding that the only fences are in the rear gardens and are brown and 2 metres high. None in the front.

Some members feel that this planning application would not be in keeping with the appearance of the estate on the whole.

The following is taken from The Torfaen Decision Notice which was part of the house deeds when you purchased a house on “Pensarn Estate”

“Notwithstanding the provisions of article 3 schedule2 part 1 of the Town and Country Planning General Development Order 1988, no walls, fences, gates, piers, or other means of enclosure shall be constructed, erected, or placed on the open forecourt area of the proposed development.”

This is permanent and there is not a time let out on it.

October 2017

Wed 12 Jul 2017


Proposed front and side single storey house extension
3 Juniper Crescent Henllys Cwmbran Torfaen NP44 6EH

No Observations

August 2017

Tue 20 Jun 2017


Amendments to 15/P/00434 approved Solar Farm panel layout (to reflect layout as built) and updating of landscape and biodiversity management plan to provide a wildflower mix suitable for organic grazing
Cwrt Henllys Farm Cwm Lane Henllys Cwmbran Torfaen NP44 7AS

No Observations

July 2017

Fri 16 Jun 2017


Discharge of condition 21 (educational interpretation panels) of planning permision 15/P/00434 relating to the installation and operation of a solar farm and associated infrastructure
Cwrt Henllys Farm Cwm Lane Henllys Cwmbran Torfaen NP44 7AS

No Observations

July 2017






To build a single storey rear extension with ramp access for wheelchair at 73 Perthy Close

No observations




First Floor extension over garage & utility at 28 Oakleigh Court


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