Committees, Working Groups & Working PartiesĀ 

The following is an overview of the Community Council committees.  Members

Full Council - The full Council of Henllys Community Council meets at 6pm on the second Monday of each month, except August. The meetings take place in the meeting room of Henllys Village Hall. Full Council Meetings

Planning Application are deal with by the full council. 

All residents of Henllys are welcome to attend any of these meetings and may submit items to be included on the agenda. Such submissions should be put in writing to the Clerk – contact details can be found on the Contacts page. It should be noted that whilst residents are entitled to address the council before the meeting they cannot contribute to any debate during the meeting.
To cope with extra business a number of supplementary meetings may be held throughout the year. Anyone wishing to attend any of these meetings should contact the Clerk for dates. Agendas are posted on the Henllys Community Council notice boards for all Full Council meetings 

 All Councillors.
Chairman 2018 to 2019 Cllr Lawrence Smith-Higgins
Finance and General Purposes Working Group - The Finance Working Groups meets monthly on the last Friday of each month except in August and December. Meetings take place in Henllys Village Hall at 4pm.
Finance Working Group Meetings
Cllr Valerie Lewis - Chairwoman
Cllr Peter Jones
Cllr Jonathan Lewis
Cllr Brenda Everett

Environment Working Group - The Environment committee meets to consider any issues regarding the Henllys environment including the maintenance and safety of the village play park.
Environment Working Group Meetings

Cllr Valerie Waters - Chairwoman
Cllr Howard Thomas
Cllr Lawrence Smith-Higgins
Cllr Ron Burnett
 Communications Working Group - The Communications Group meet to consider how the Council can best communicate with residents, monitor the Council's website and Facebook page and plan and produce the annual newsletter. Cllr Jonathan Lewis - Chairman
Cllr Brenda Everett
Cllr Lawrence Smith-Higgins
Cllr Howard Thomas
General Working Party - The General Working Party takes on ad hoc tasks as delegated by the full council.The Group makes recommendations to the Full Council. Any decision is recorded in the Full Council minutes.Cllr Brenda Everett
Cllr Lawrence Smith-Higgins